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??High quality??It made of OK and Lycra material. The OK fabric is very practical and stable. The Lycra fabric is skin-friendly, super soft, stretchy, anti-slip. This foot sleeve compression support socks are quick-drying and providing ultimate. It won??t be fade when you wash. ??Breathable??Inner hole design. You can see some small and regular holes on the inner fabric. It??s a wonderful design. the holes can heat dissipation and perspiration. It has strong breathable ability. Let you feel comfortable. Even you wear it for a long time, you haven??t flow a lot of sweat and keep your ankle clean. ??Perfect your ankle??Fine workmanship with a firm and edging design. Will not be off the line easily. The edging ensures its quality, is very wear resistant and has toughness. Don’t worry about damage, it is suitable for all kinds of strenuous exercise. At the same time, protect the child’s ankle. ??Stability??It has an obviously feature is medium thick. It does not too thin or too thick. If it??s too thin, will easy too damage. If it??s too thick that make your ankle feel very hot. The medium thick either can protect your ankle, and has strong stability can support your foot. ??Double magic paste??The double magic paste can be better fixed to improve the stability of the ankle wear. Easy to put on and off. This design looks so cool. You can buy it for your kid.


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