Bacon and Egg Custom Elite Socks Dri Fit Moisture Wicking Casual Socks Food Socks



??? & ????? ???????: Men’s bacon and eggs socks in the morning for a serving that is sure to fill you right up. Red and white strips of bacon and golden and white sunny side up eggs stand out on white socks. Essential for any sock drawer and the perfect way to express your razor-sharp eye for creativity and artistic excellence. ???-??????? ?????: Fun food bacon egg socks for men! Suitable for men’s sandals, boots, sneakers, running shoes and dress or formal shoes. The eclectic designs of food socks can be worn with school uniforms, casual jeans, weddings, dressier suits, and business formal outfits. These are a snug pair of socks with styling to show off your fun personality. ???????? & ????: A quirky pair bacon and egg socks, this crew socks are unique and all around comfortable. These bacon and eggs socks are made from Polyester, cotton and rayon. They are moisture wicking, smell free, medium thickness, soft touch and durability, hold up well in the laundry. ???????? ??? ??? ?????: Our men’s food socks keep your feet warm without making them sweat, help you avoid discomfort during your hiking, running, or other outdoor sports. The high quality of the structure makes these socks more durable and flexible when worn, which means that a pair of socks are very suitable for all day wear, whether you are with boots or at home are unparalleled good-looking fashion. Suit for men’s sandals, casual, athletic, dress or formal shoes. ???? ?? ????: These Bacon and Eggs socks are machine washable and non-shrink. They are still soft and comfortably snug, the colors are bright & true to the picture even after the first washing and the color of the socks are not fade. If you want to keep your socks looking awesome we recommend not tumble drying. This will make your socks last even longer than they normally would.


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