Compression Socks for Women & Men 15-20mmHg Graduated-BEST Running Socks WXXM 1 Pair



BEST MEDICAL COMPRESSION SOCKS FOR WOMEN & MEN :Excellent compression scoks, very durable, with fashionable looks, and variety colors available. Washable & designed with Highest quality Nylon and Spandex materials, built for durability. Stay put Cuffs & Soothing feeling at the bottom and sides of foot, with no pinching seen with lesser quality socks without ankle support. Feel the shock absorption effect instantly that really helps reduce fatigue and swelling in your lower leg. PROMOTE BLOOD FLOW AND CIRCULATION:Provide mild squeezing for warmness and enhance blood moving through your legs. Remove stress and stimulate every cell, relieves symptoms of spider and varicose veins and excess fluid retention.Help relieve pain & discomfort related to plantar fasciitis, Provides true graduated compression to support your legs, reduce fatigue, soreness, cramping and prevent injuries at the same time PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION AND COMFORT:WXXM graduated compression socks are recommended by doctors and preferred by trainers. The reinforced/cushioned heel and toe support provide unmatched comfort. We carefully designed and manufactured our compression socks to provide premium support, comfort, and relief without compromising your mobility. Form fitting, lightweight, and breathable fabric features maintain joint stability regardless of activity. RECOVER FASTER THAN EVER BEFORE: The 15-20 mmHg graduation level based on Nylon Fabric is perfect for fast recovery and increased blood circulation. Stronger graduation levels (20-30 mmHg) or medical level will often be too painful to wear. Leading doctors and nurses recommend compression socks and sore and swollen legs will soon be history. Best Stockings for varicose veins, edema, to prevent blood clots, cramps, plantar fasciitis, fatigue, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and ensure joint stability SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE – 100% satisfaction guaranteed, 45 days free exchange and returns on WXXM’s dress socks, plus 180 days warranty. Our mission is to have our customers extremely satisfied with the best quality dress socks they purchased, so if you haven’t so, please take contact us and we will reply to you within 24 hours and give you a satisfactory solution!


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