Fashion Solid Color Travel Compression Socks for Boy Sports Running



Polyester Cotton Blended Polyester Cotton Blended . Size:One size, could fit almost all the regular shoe size due to its elasticity. Size:Fit for size 6-10 or European Size: 36-44. Suitable for Teens (Boys, Girls) Men and Women. Moisture wicking fibers keep feet dry with ventilation channels engineered for air circulation and moisture control. Look fashionable, the best socks for all seasons. Provides true graduated compression to promote blood circulation and oxygen flow, prevent cramping, fatigue, swelling, Feel the shock absorption effect instantly that really helps reduce fatigue and swelling in your lower leg! Bring more energy into your feet. It’s perfect for jobs that require you to be on your feet a lot. It’s also a must have for any leg intensive activity such as Marathon, Running, Hiking, Gym Fitness Training, Basketball, Cycling, Weightlifting and more. Perfect for extreme races, long runs, football, rugby, hockey ,teams, dance groups, skaters, cheerleaders. Great gift for nurses, Physical Education major, doctors, masseurs, cosmetologists, and stylists ; frequent travelers or anyone taking a long plane flight ; teachers, and business people with desk positions that require prolonged sitting ; construction workers, chefs, line workers, delivery occupations and restaurant serving staff.


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