Hiking Trail Tennis Golf Cushion Outdoor Athletic Sport Performance Socks for Men and Boys Multipack


Time Limited Promotions – All 8% off to save $0.8~$2.4. Order NOW. L/XL Sizes Available – Large fits men shoe size 4-8; X-Large fits men shoe size 8-12. Soft and lightweight, made of 43% polyester, 14% cotton, 39% nylon and 4% elastane. Machine washable and wash durable. High Performance Athletic Ankle Socks – Multi functions, low cut length and stylish design are perfect for hiking, trail walking, trail running, golf, tennis, cycling, mountain biking, camping, climbing, marathon, fitness, workout and training, and other outdoor sport activities. Stretchy Top & Non Slip Protective Tab – Elastic top protects your ankles and keep away bunching by preventing these athletic hiking socks from slipping into your sport shoes; easily-put-on/off tab protects your feet and conveniently help pull these athletic socks up from slipping down. Seamless Toe, Breathable Instep & Reinforced Heel – Hand linked toe protects your feet from yarn chaffing and/or irritation caused by traditional toe seams; soft instep keeps minimum friction on your feet, feeling soft and breathable; cushioned heel works well on absorbing shock, wicking sweat and preventing bunching, which ensures comfort throughout your sports. Ideal Gifts & 100% Money Back – Perfect gifts for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries with whom you care about. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return what you bought and get a no-risk full refund (free return for both Prime and non Prime members).


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