Lian LifeStyle Men’s 1 Pair Knee High Athletic Sports Socks Size M XL0026



Nylon 43.5%/Cotton 37%/Spandex 10.2%/Elastic 9.3% Imported IDEAL FOR ALL INDOOR & OUTDOOR SPORTS – These performance knee high sports socks have reinforced high heel and extended toe to add comfort and longer sock life! Lian LifeStyle compression knee length sports socks for running, endurance activities, workouts, competitions, racing and general sporting activities Made of breathability panels for maximum airflow Zoned compression panels to help support increased blood flow and muscle containment for quick recovery time Creates consistent and powerful pressure with medical circular 360-degree knit construction Sport Fabric offers graduated fit for circulatory benefits and quicker recovery after extensive sporting activity Protects your body with extreme moisture management and antibacterial ability Recommended recovery use for post workout or competition, rehab from injury or surgery, extended periods in a static or sedentary position, sleeping or DVT protection when traveling Designed to help boost circulation, increase oxygen to muscles and reduce shin splints Flexible tongue zone minimizes fabric at the top of ankle for flexibility.Engineered Footbed supports Achilles, zone padded for heel, balls of feet Linked toe cage boosts comfort, prolonged wear Unisex Design size Medium that fits US Men’s shoe size 6-10 and US Women’s shoe size 7.5-10, Junior size jL/XL for 14 years and older. Knee-length sports socks for soccer, football, lacrosse,volleyball,roller derby,track,school uniforms – Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1 year


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